110 points in 2 games given up by chicago??? Roy tells us his feelings on the game and what the bears need to do next. Also We debate on wether Pitchers should be MVPs Nick says Yes other fellas say no. Plus the big man explains why LeBron James leaving the Heat will lose excitement on the NBA. Plus we talk college football, NFL picks, NFL breakdown and so much more.

Direct download: SD115.mp3
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In tonight's episode of the Sports Den the fellas are back after a week off... Nick talks about how TNA shocked him with their Hall of Fame ceremony and the fellas look up Wrestlemania packages.. Then Nick goes off after a debate on facebook.. The Fellas break down the Florida State/Notre Dame game and talk more college football. Then its NFL time. Nick throws rapid fire questions to the fellas, we break down NFL picks, Nick claims that Aaron Rodgers is the MVP of the league and then Mr Jones shows up as well.

Direct download: SD113.mp3
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In this week's episode we talk about the Woes of the Patriots and the Saints. Also the big man comes up with new names for his fantasy football team as the big man is 4-0 in the sports den league. We make our picks for week 5, Nick and Christian call out Phil for his ridicolous remarks about Derek Jeter's last home game and Nick gets hit with some heartbreaking news about his long time crush Diana Taurasi.

Direct download: SD111.mp3
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We talk about Jeter & his ending career, as well as taking an early look at the Free Agent pitchers for the upcoming offseason.  Then we go into NFL mode & break down the week that was & predict the week that will be.

Direct download: SD110.mp3
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The fellas break down week 3 in the NFL. Also Chef calls in from the hospital as we talk Adrian Peterson, Will Ray Rice beat his case and Mr Jones makes a late night appearance and he too gets on Falcon fans and much more.

Direct download: SD109.mp3
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in today's episode Nick clowns the Cavs for their trade for Kevin Love. Then the fellas talk tons of football. Michael Sam takes a shower, Josh Gordon is still suspended and we break down the NFC West and NFC South and as usual Nick is at it again with his bold predictions. Plus we are keeping it real at the end of the show and we talk college football.

Direct download: SD107.mp3
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Mike Lockhart from the Draftkings.com Fantasy Football show on 98.5 joins us to talk Draft strategies while Nick does a draft DURING THE SHOW. We preview the NFC North & talked about the results of Summerslam

Direct download: SD106.mp3
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The NFC East is previewed.  Nick makes some asinine predictions regarding the NFL season.  We talk about the death of Kevin Ward, Jr. as well as War Machine being a despicable excuse for a human.  Summerslam gets previewed as well.

Direct download: SD105.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:23am EDT

In tonight's episode, Roy and Nick talk wrestling, then the fellas break down Baseball. We also preview the AFC South and West and Ray Smooth and C-Smooth decide to keep it real with the last hour.

Direct download: SD104.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:00pm EDT

We previewed the AFC North, caught up on some NBA news, talked WWE & UFC as well

Direct download: SD103.mp3
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