The boys recap the OBJ situation & then talk about the current state of the NBA.  With it being Festivus, we air out the things that annoyed us this year in sports.  We wrap up the show with our weekly NFL picks.  Merry Christmas, folks!

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We're joined by an old friend tonight, talking #UFC194, #MLB signings, where the #NBA is right now & getting into the #NFL.  Then the guys talk about some of the movie trailers that have been out as well as the release of the new Star Wars

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We start off the show joined by Roy Herman to cover all the MLB moves at the Winter Meetings.  Then, the boys get into Trash & Treasure and you will never guess who Chef's trash was!  Week 14 games are picked & another Upset of the Week chosen by Chef. A quick UFC 194 preview & another recipe to try next time you have friends over for the game!

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David Price gets PAID! Kobe hangs em up. Oakafor thinks he's in the new Creed movie. When did the replacement refs come back? Week 13 picks. Trash & Treasure. Chef's Buffalo Chicken Alfredo

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Ortiz hangs it up, MLB awards are out.  Who won Trash/Treasure awards this week?  We highlight a few of last week's NFL games, make our week 12 predictions & Chef shares his recipe for baby back ribs without a smoker.  Holly Holm shut a LOT of people up this week, but we aren't part of that group!

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The boys finish up the rest of the NFL picks

We react to the new outrage at Greg Hardy because a photo was released

UFC193 is this weekend & Rousey continues to dominate

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Former DE Andre Carter calls in to talk about his days in the NFL.  Who were our picks for Trash & Treasure?  Does anyone have a pair of clown shoes for Rex to match the circus he's running?  Who is Chef's upset in week 10's game previews? 

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The boys meet up once again to give you their takes on Week 8 in the NFL. Who is Chef's upset of the week? You'll have to tune in to find out. Who finds this Nicole Arbour girl funny? We really wanna know.

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Johnny Gomes is the best teammate alive. Zenghis Kahn is legit in NY.  Kelly's femur snaps.  When does Manning's spaghetti arm arrive in Denver?

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The World Series matchup is now made, although Fox had it chosen before the games were over... Chef & Christian break down a few of the Week 6 games, including how the Colts running the Annexation of Puerto Rico didn't quite work for them. Then, the week 7 games get chosen with a few key upsets in there. Chef shares his thoughts on Rex Ryan as well.

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