We go over the post season moves, talk a little baseball, plug our print ad, AFC East breakdown, preview UFC 162.  Back on Ustream baby!! 309-329-5944

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We recap the end of the NBA/NHL Finals, Chef rants on fairweather fans, Hernandez is a bad dude... Back to the old # and Ustream next week!



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NBA & NHL Final coverage, Chef clues everyone in on Stern, Hernandez is shady & more!

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Nick's birthday show, playoffs are covered as well as other things that I would remember if the show was posted on time, instead of an error causing the file to fail.  Sorry!!!

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We start off with the Biogenisis scandal in MLB & Nick wants A-Fraud gone, preview the NBA Finals & talk some pucks with Shannon Coyne!  Also, Chef on TV & some burger talk.

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NBA starts off the show & Mike Loftus from the Quincy Patriot Ledger jumps all over the NHL. Chef rants on fan reaction.  In all bets are off, Bully Ray gets PISSED during an interview & Chef shares 2 great recipes.

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NBA & NHL playoffs, Sly from Yawkey Way Report calls in to bag on Nick, Urlacher retires, Scott Sudikoff joins All Bets are Off to talk WWE, Sergio is a FOOL & UFC 160!


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NBA playoffs kicks off the Sports Den this week as we recap the ongoings of the week. Rear Admiral from Barstool Sports joins us to talk NHL & the lines are drawn for the Den Civil War!  Nick & Christian have a Yankees hand holding session... get your candles & bath salts ready, the love here is nauseating. And if you've ever wondered who wrote these descriptions, now you should know.

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It's a post-season frenzy on this week's Sports Den!  NBA/NHL breakdowns, we rename the MVP award & Nick calls out the Canucks.

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Let's keep the Idol auditions seperate from the Anthem, we welcome UFC Featherweight Ricardo "The Bully" Lamas to the show to discuss UFC, his career & his upcoming #1 Contender fight in July.  Shannon joins us to talk NHL playoffs & Christian comes on to talk NBA, Jason Collins & the NFL Draft.

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