Sean Turner, Nick's former partner from The Season, joins the crew this week as We break down the MLB Races. THen we talk Money vs Canelo and did a judge really say the fight was even?? Then Phil joins us to talk college football as we recap the Alabama Vs A&M game and why Nick has concerns for Bama. Then Christian and Mark joins us for NFL and Nick goes off on the "suspension" of Dashon Golson. We preview Week 4 and also dive into UFC165.

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On tonight's show we get into the AL Wild card chase and th NL Central chase. Also we talk LBJ may opt out of his contract and where he might go. Who said that MMA isnt a sport? we play that and break that down. Then Christian comes on and we get into NCAA week 3, recap NFL Week 1 and make our picks for NFL Week 2.

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WOOOOOOHOOOO!!!! THE NFL IS BACK AND WEEK 1 HAS FINALLY ARRIVED. But we kick off with the pennant races in where the Yankees WILL NOT DIE. Plus Joe Girardi not only take Hughes out of the rotation but tries to convince Mo to not retire. Then Christian and Phil join us as we break down the first week of NCAA football and the big man goes completely off about the NCAA. Then we make our first picks of the NFL Season and Nick does his impression of Jerry Jones lol.

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The football season is almost here. But we have Mike Lockhart from the fantasy football show from 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston. Christian comes on as we discuss the happenings in the NFL. Nick goes in a twitter war with a former colleague, and we break down Wednesday's UFC Fight night and our disgust with the WWE. Plus Chef shares a Chili receipe.

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On this week's show we talk about the Red Sox/Yankees debacle and Nick says why the Yanks and A-Rod need to swuash the beef. Then Richard King Talks to Roy about the upcoming Bolingbrook Trojans Season. Christian joins us as we wrap up our Training camps segment and Marc Sandlin makes his Sports Den debut. Then Scott Sudikoff talks with Chef about Summerslam and Raw and Chef talks about his time at UFC Fight night in Boston this past weekend.

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HAd some computer issues but still got the NFC North in and UFC Fight night on the New Fox Sports 1

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Happy Asterik's*** Day!!!!

On tonight's show we celebrate Barry Bonds' HR 756. Also we break down the MLB suspensions and A-Rod. Also we break down the NFC and one caller thinks the 49ers wont do as well as we think. We finish with all bets are off

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Go the @#$% to sleep!!

we talk baseball with editor and writer from Brandon LeClair, we break down the NFC East and the big man talks about his time in South Carolina

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Steroids in MLB are on tap this week as Joon Lee from Sports Reel Boston joins us to talk baseball.  Later, we wrap up the AFC preview by looking at the North. 

Direct download: SD057.mp3
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After a missing a download due to tech issues, we fixed the problem.  We give Mo props for his All Star MVP, break down the AFC North & break down the MITB PPV. 

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