We recap the Heat/Pacers & Spurs/Thunder as well as NYR/Habs & Kings/'Hawks.  Roy calls in after his White Sox game. The boys break down UFC173 & preview Payback, which they will all be in attendance for.

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Tech issues have halted me from putting this episode up for almost 2 weeks now, so to say that I remember what we talked about would be a bold faced lie.  Guessing it was some combo of MLB, NBA/NHL playoffs & some kind of rant from one of us.... Just listen, you know it'll be good.  Deal with it.

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IN todays episode, Rangers beat Penguins, and Canadiens beat the bruins and Chef is heated. Then Nick blasts a twiiter follower for calling him a "fairweather" fan. then Nick and Christian talk about "Chicago" week with the New York Yankees coming to town for an entire week! Then the fellas break down the NFL Draft with Christian and Phil, we break down The Knicks head coaching stupidity with Steve Kerr going to Golden State, and much much more!!

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Christian joins the show on a special later Draft Day edition of the show.  We cover the first round of the NFL draft, including the list of people drafted before Manziel. We give kudos to Durant on his humble MVP speech, as well as talk about a WWE video tribute that touched us all.  Chef rants on the classless recent activity between sports fanbases, mainly Montreal/Boston

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Chef is back!! Roy is back!!! on tonights show Roy clowns Michael Pineda for being caught a second time with pine tar on his neck. Then Nick clowns Philadelphia Flyers fan and the fellas go on a rant between DirecTv and Comcast and what outreagous statement did Nick make about this subject? Then Christian Simpson joins the fellas to discuss about the NFL schedule and what games stuck out to him. We also discuss NBA Playoffs NHL Playoffs Baseball and much much more!!

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Its WRESTLING, WRESTLING AND MORE WRESTLING. We break down Wrestlemania 30 and thw Raw after Wrestlemania with Phil Bartley. and the we talk NBA, and gear up for the NHL playoffs!!

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On tonight's show, Nick and Christian do the final picks in the first round of the draft. Then Chef joins the crew as Nick and Christian go off about Chicago White Sox fans and Nick explains why CHicago and NEw York HATE EACH OTHER!!! THen Chef and Nick break news on MMA and Wrestlemania predictions.

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NFL mock draft 11-20 get covered this week with Nick & Christian.  March Madness & trashed brackets!! We also talk NHL & NBA.  Chef & Nick have a mini rant on food allergies at work.

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Phil Jackson has arrived and was given a standing ovation in the Garden. Nick breaks down potential moves by the Knicks. Then as the fellas come on, We are joined by comedian Lamont Price as we talk sports. Then Phil Bartley and Christian Simpson joins us to do a mock draft 1-10. Then its March Madness time and the fellas make their picks. Then it becomes a free for all something you dont want to miss lol!!

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