The Late Show

Chef runs a "solo" shows recapping some of the recent news in Boston sports, Phil joins & talks Rouge One, Christmas & then getting into the NFL as Christian calls in, thoughts on the MVP, playoffs & what's caught your eye as of late & more!

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The Six Pack Challenge!

We start off with NCAA Football talk, breaking down the Michigan/OSU game & Heisman candidates.  Transitioning into NFL talking about teams/players that surprised & disappointed us in week 12.  Then we break out a new segment called the Six Pack Challenge which will be done weekly from here on out!

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Free For All!

The guys discuss many topics on a free for all episode.  Video games, election results, MLB, NBA, NHL & More. 

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Friend of the show Jon Draper guest hosts as he & Chef talk about various topics.  Does Sandoval get traded? How much rope does Farrell have before he hangs?  What do the Mets have in store for them this year?  After MLB talk, the boys discuss family, raising kids, how everyone getting a trophy is a JOKE, which of your friends are 'Face Punchers', careers, music & more.  A really fun change of pace for the show & you won't be disappointed with it.  If you don't like the episode, please feel free to email us at

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In our first 'Aftershow': Chef & Christian talk MMA & the Nick Diaz disaster. What is proper etiquette in sports debating? Chef shares a steak & cheese wonton recipe & the boys talk Madden 16

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Chef & Christian bang out some playoffs talk, woes of the Red Sox, May/Pac & the release of the Wells report. 

P.S. Allergies suck

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The Den is open again for business & we waste no time getting into all things sports.  March Madness, Nick & Christian throw down, NBA, MLB Opening Day, NFL Free Agency, the draft, UFC, WWE & MORE!!! 

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Levan Reid from WBZ-TV in Boston joins the show to talk balls, John Janota from WJOL in Chicago talks 49ers & Bears & Jim Ludes calls to talk about John Fox & the Broncos.  We recap the AFC/NFC games & more!

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This week, we discuss:


NFL coaching jobs


Recap of Divisional games


Preview of Conference games


Wiggins/Smith altercation


Ray Lewis' comments


CFB playoffs


NHL/NBA overview


Email the show or leave a VM 309-329-5944


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110 points in 2 games given up by chicago??? Roy tells us his feelings on the game and what the bears need to do next. Also We debate on wether Pitchers should be MVPs Nick says Yes other fellas say no. Plus the big man explains why LeBron James leaving the Heat will lose excitement on the NBA. Plus we talk college football, NFL picks, NFL breakdown and so much more.

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