The World Series matchup is now made, although Fox had it chosen before the games were over... Chef & Christian break down a few of the Week 6 games, including how the Colts running the Annexation of Puerto Rico didn't quite work for them. Then, the week 7 games get chosen with a few key upsets in there. Chef shares his thoughts on Rex Ryan as well.

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The boys finish up their week 6 picks with lots of insight on Patriots/Colts. Christian picks who his NCAA playoff teams should be.  NFL supports Cancer Awareness, but only on their terms...

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Chef & Christian recap all things that were week 5 in the NFL.  What's wrong with the Ravens? Are the Bengals for real?  Are the Broncos the most deceiving 5-0 team out there? What is the disconnect with the Colts?

Week 6 games get broken down & Chef predicts that the Colts will have a massacre on their hands in the aftermath of Sunday night!

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With a new intro song to start off the show, the boys go over all of the Week 3 results in the NFL.  What injuries will affect teams the most?  Who emerged as a Triumph this week & who ended up being Trash?

Papelbon should train for MMA!!

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