The boys of the Den make their NFL week 3 predictions.

Are the Browns going to regret benching Johnny Football?

NHL preseason starts & the shootout is gone!! (Sort of)

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We recap all things Week 2 in the NFL

Christian calls out the Lions

Rob Eggers talks about the laughing stock Eagles

What should the Bears do?

Den After Dark has the Week 3 previews & picks and will be uploaded separately

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In our first 'Aftershow': Chef & Christian talk MMA & the Nick Diaz disaster. What is proper etiquette in sports debating? Chef shares a steak & cheese wonton recipe & the boys talk Madden 16

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Roy & Chef start out with the hottest rivalry currently in baseball
What works better when building a team: Sabermetrics  or Old school scouting?
Christian joins the show to recap week 1 in the NFL & we preview week 2

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Who is in the hunt for the Cy Young this year?

Chef has some choice words for Roger Goodell

Steve Balestrieri from the 4th & 2 podcast join us to talk all things NFL. 

Week 1 NFL picks are chosen

New recipe twist on a great appetizer

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September is possibly the greatest sports month of the year. Major League Baseball is hitting their pennant races and the playoffs are right around the corner and the smell of pigskin is starting to fill the air.

Rumors are swirling about Durant making the move to the Big Apple.

Nick, Christian & Chef tackle the NFC South and talk about the upcoming MLB playoff chase

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