Battling a sinus infection, Nick pushes thru & we discuss the Pro Bowl selections, the future of soon-to-be fired NFL coaches as well as discuss the ongoings of Week 16 of the NFL while picking our Week 17 selections. We also talk about possible playoff scenerios.  We browse over the NBA & UFC 155 and had to put the Chef's Corner on hold until next week due to Nick's sinus infection coming back to kick him in the rear.

Stay tuned to next week when Chef shares a recipe for Chili & former NFL Tight End Jermaine Wiggins should be joining us to breakdown the Wild Card matchups!

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Chef rejoins the guys this week & we go over some Hot Stove action.  Nick calls this season the best to date as a Knicks fan.  Chef eats a fat crow sandwich after the Sunday Night Football game.

Real life interjects its way in the show as we discuss Newtown, CT.  The guys admire Victor Cruz for his actions.

We welcome the Universal Takeover Network as we are now live on their broadcast, as well as a nominee for The 2013 Takeover Awards Best Show.

Christian from the Daily Blitz joins us once again to recap what was week 15 in the NFL as well as preview the upcoming week 16.

Nick proves that beer is good for your health & in the Chef's Corner, a recipe is shared.  Three words. Candied. Bacon. Fudge...

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This week, sans Chef, we discuss some MLB Hot Stove, the Pacman/Marquez fight, Nick does an impression of Michael McDonald, recap the Sandy relief concert, Christian from the Daily Blitz calls and recaps NFL games & we share the stupid story of the day

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