We are the Champions (Again)

Chef & Christian finally get to recap Super Bowl 51.  Brady's G.O.A.T. status has been solidified.  Then we talk about any big name free agents for 2017.  We make the transition into the NBA talking Celtics, what side we were on with Barkley v. LeBron & Christian had some key words for the Bulls

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2017 Inauguration

Nick & Chef start off with a quick recap on MLB news & some of the NBA rumors.  Christian joins the show as we review the NFL divisional games & preview the conference games.  Then we go into All Bets Are Off where we talk about a bunch of off the cuff things.

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The Late Show

Chef runs a "solo" shows recapping some of the recent news in Boston sports, Phil joins & talks Rouge One, Christmas & then getting into the NFL as Christian calls in, thoughts on the MVP, playoffs & what's caught your eye as of late & more!

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The Six Pack Challenge!

We start off with NCAA Football talk, breaking down the Michigan/OSU game & Heisman candidates.  Transitioning into NFL talking about teams/players that surprised & disappointed us in week 12.  Then we break out a new segment called the Six Pack Challenge which will be done weekly from here on out!

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Free For All!

The guys discuss many topics on a free for all episode.  Video games, election results, MLB, NBA, NHL & More. 

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The guys discuss Jose Fernandez, MLB in general & why Ortiz should get the nod at MVP.  NCAA trivia by Phil for Nick & Christian. What was week 3 in the NFL gets reviewed & week 4 gets a good preview

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After a 2 month hiatus, Chef returns to the show & starts out the gate explaining his absence.  The boys talk about what's happened lately w/WWE, move into some NCAA Football & then start to cover some MLB.  NFL takes up the rest of the show as we review what happened in week 2 & preview what's to come in week 3!! 

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The boys talk #MLB HR Derby/All Star Game.  #NBA moves & why KD's move is worse than LeBron's to MIA. #UFC200 recap & then Christian calls in to start our weekly #NFL divisional breakdowns.  This week we start with the #AFCEast & take a guess who the fellas have winning this one?

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Brad Johnson from ESPN NH Radio joins Chef to host the show. Chef shares some breaking news about the show to start off. They go DEEEEEP into the NBA, talking the Finals, the Draft, trade scenarios & who they DON'T want to see the Celtics pick (and who they do).  Also cover a little Red Sox news & the sale of the UFC, as well as some UFC200 talk

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The boys break down the NBA playoffs, Chef thinks the MVP award is misleading & proposes a change.  Looks like the Capitals haven't changed.  The success of the Red Sox is a pleasant surprise for Chef.

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